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Fort Favorites

New York Strip Steak

Featuring fine beef, buffalo, game and seafood, The Fort's award-winning menu offers a tantalizing selection of old and new foods of the Great West.  Dinner entrees range from $20 - $52, however some Chef specials may exceed $52.


The Fort combines our
love of the Old West with a passion for good food.  While we specialize
in the "food and drink
of the Early West", we explore the culinary
past to bring
you new frontiers
of gastronomy. 


Canola Brownie


Roasted Bison Marrow Bones
Known as "Prairie Butter" to the early pioneers, this delicacy was
Julia Child's favorite! Served in the bone with crostini.(allow extra time)

Buffalo Empanadas
Light flaky pastry filled with meaty buffalo served with mild Dixon red chili
and chipotle barbecue sauces.

BBQ'D Duck Quesadilla
Smoked duck in a coffee barbeque sauce with aged Mexican cheeses in a flour tortilla. 
Served with a mango-chipotle salsa.

Jalapeños Escabeche Stuffed with Peanut Butter
House made pickled jalapeños with a mango whipped peanut butter.

Bison Eggs
Pickled quail eggs wrapped in house made buffalo sausage. Served with a
raspberry-jalapeno jam. Our version of a "Scottish egg."

Hot Sausage Bean Dip
Hot sausage sauteed with Mexican beer, refried beans and cheddar cheese.
Served with corn tortilla chips

Mexican Style Salsa Cruda
A simple fresh salsa served with corn tortilla chips.

Historians' Platter
Boudies, Rocky Mountain oysters, guacamole, bison tongue and jalapeños for 4

Sam's Famous Guacamole & Corn Chips
Denver’s Best Guacamole with big chunks of avocado, tomato, onion and fresh squeezed lime,
served with corn tortilla chips.

Rocky Mountain Oysters
Small bites battered and fried to a golden brown and served with a tangy "cocktail" sauce.

Braised Bison Tongue - A Historian's Treat
The 19th century's finest gourmet meat served with Fort toast and caper aioli.

Mountain Man Sausage Platter
A trio of Mountain man sausages including: Sam's Buffalo "Boudie" (French Fur Trapper's
term for sausage); Wild boar sausage with cranberries and apricots; and Jackalope sausage
with habeñero chiles and cherries. All served with chipotle honey mustard and sweet chile
dipping sauces.. Huzzah!.

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All of the Buffalo (Bison) we serve are from select Rocky Mountain ranches.

William Bent's Buffalo Tenderloin Filet Mignon
The most tender of all, an 8-ounce buffalo filet.
Served with Chef's vegetables and Fort potatoes.

Buffalo Sirloin Steak Medallions
Full of flavor for the hearty appetite grilled to perfection, topped with a wild mushroom ragout
and served with garlic and leek mashed potatoes and Chef’s vegetables.
10-ounces of buffalo sirloin (2-5ounce steaks)
15-ounces of buffalo sirloin (3-5ounce steaks)

Smoke House Buffalo Ribs Platter
Smoked buffalo ribs, slowly braised and smothered in our tangy Jack Daniels barbecue sauce.
Served with a fresh jicama slaw and campfire beans.
1/2 Rack (4)
Full Rack (8)

Elk Chops St. Vrain
Two 4-ounce bone-in elk chops, grilled to perfection with wild Montana huckleberries.
Served with seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.

The Fort's Game Plate
Our most popular dish! A bone-in Elk chop, Buffalo sirloin medallion, and a grilled teriyaki Quail.
Served with Chef's vegetables, Fort potatoes and wild Montana huckleberries.


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Colorado Territory Beef

William Bent, founder of the original Bents Fort in 1833 in southern Colorado, was also well known for raising high quality Colorado cattle on his ranch in the 1850’s… we’ve searched out the best that Colorado Natural Beef has to offer and are now proud to provide you what we are certain would make William Bent proud! Our Colorado Natural Beef is raised in Colorado, by rancher Roy Armstrong on the Great Western Grazing Company Dry Creek Ranch in Rocky Ford, Colorado located in Otero County. Roy also works extensively with many other ranchers in Otero County and the surrounding counties of Bent, Prowers, Baca and Las Animas. Like William Bent, great care is taken to know and understand how the cattle are raised is as important as the chef who prepares the final touches to your steak. Our aged beef is traceable from farm to plate every step of the way and with today’s technology we can even track our beef on-line! With this pride in our Colorado western heritage we proudly present this fine Colorado Natural Beef Program. Waugh!

14-ounce Colorado Natural Beef NY Strip Steak
The marbling speaks for itself, tender, and rich with
flavor served with Fort potatoes and Chef's vegetable.

16-ounce Colorado Natural Beef Ribeye Steak Carne Asada Style!
Sink your teeth into a juicy 16-ounce beef Ribeye steak seasoned “carne asada” style,
with a rub of New Mexican chile, honey & spices, grilled to perfection
and topped with salsa cruda, served with Chef's
vegetables and Fort potatoes.

Scout Jim Baker's Mountain Man T-bone Steak
An 18-ounce Beef T-Bone steak for the
Mountain Man's appetite, served with Chef's
vegetables and garlic and leek mashed potatoes.

"Tenderlips" Colorado Natural Beef Filet Mignon so tender it is like the first kiss!
6-ounce center cut beef filet grilled to perfection, served with Chef's vegetables and Fort potatoes.

Incorrect Steak - Frontiersman Dick Wootton's favorite steak and eggs.
Our 14-ounce Colorado Natural Beef NY strip, topped with a blend of melted
Mexican cheeses, New Mexico Dixon red chile sauce and a fried egg, served
with Fort potatoes and Chef's vegetable.

Gonzales Steak Inspired by The Fort's wood carver Elidio Gonzales.
A 14-ounce Colorado Natural Beef NY strip, stuffed with New Mexico Hatch green
chiles and topped with a freshly grilled chile pod, served with Fort potatoes
and Chef's vegetable.

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Smoked Pheasant Almendrado
Half Hickory Smoked Pheasant with a sweet and spicy almond sauce with a hint of cinnamon.
Served with quinoa and wild rice pilaf and Chef's vegetables.

Bourbon Maple Cherry Duck
Two pan seared duck breasts with a bourbon, maple and cherry compote.
Served with jalapeño goat cheese grits and sautéed chayote squash.

William Bent's Grilled Quail
Teriyaki marinated quail served with wild Montana huckleberry demi-glace
seasonal vegetables and Fort potatoes.
Two or Three

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Fort Favorites

General Armjilo's Lamb T-bones In 1845, he was known to sell your
sheep back to you!

Two spiced, 5oz. Colorado Lamb t-bones served with leek and garlic mashed potatoes
and sautéed chayote squash, drizzeled with fig demi-glace.

Mango Cilantro Salmon
Fresh Atlantic salmon topped with a spicy mango and cilantro sauce.
Served with lime cous-cous and calabacitas.

Mary Schlosser's Taos Trout - Given to Saml' in 1948, recipe from The Taos Pueblo
Oven roasted trout, topped with crawfish salsa, stuffed with fresh mint and wrapped in applewood
smoked bacon. Served with quinoa and wild rice pilaf and sautéed chayote squash.

"Three Sacred Sisters" Vegetarians Delight
Sautéed spaghetti squash, anasazi beans and corn, in a white wine tomatillo sauce.

Washtunkala Stew
A new twist on a traditional Native American stew. Beef tenderloin tips, bison sausage,
fire roasted corn and seasonal root vegetables are simmered in a rich bison demi-glace.

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The Fort's famous signature dessert. A blend of dark chocolate whipped with Myer's rum served in a chocolate tulip cup. The ideal choice for the chocolate connoisseur.

Triple Layer Chocolate Chile Bourbon Cake
A delectable, ancient Aztec combination of a rich, dark chocolate and New Mexico
red chile cake. Drizzled with Kentucky bourbon, filled with chocolate mousse and walnuts,
covered in a rich chocolate ganache. It will make your heart sing "Hip Hip Huzzah!"

Bobbie Chaim's Famous Cheesecake
Sam Arnold's prized recipe. A light creamy cheesecake with graham cracker crust.
"It's better than the first kiss."

Chef's Choice of Creme Brulee
Chef's daily variation on a delicate custard covered in a burnt sugar crust.

Ice House Treats

Ice Cream
Choose from vanilla bean or Mexican chocolate.

Holly’s Adobe Sundae
Choice of Mexican chocolate or vanilla bean ice cream, topped with our homemade
hot fudge sauce and a dusting of chocolate adobe chile powder.

Homemade Butterscotch Sundae
Vanilla bean ice cream topped with our homemade
butterscotch and pinon nuts.

Cast Iron Fresh Fruit Cobbler
Seasonal fruit served warm, topped with an oatmeal streusel and a scoop of vanilla
bean ice cream. Drizzled with our homemade carmel sauce.

Vera's Caramel Brownie
No chocolate in this one! A warm chewy carmel brownie with walnuts and canola seed.
Served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

White Chocolate & Rose Water Mousse
with Prosecco gelee, topped with huckleberries and
a black sesame seed cookie

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All menu items and prices are subject to change at any time!
Please call 303-697-4771 for more information


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