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Sam Arnold’s “Frying Pans West" DVDs & Companion Cookbook!


If you love food and love history, as I do, this re-release of the Frying Pans West cookbook and 1960s PBS cooking show series is an absolute treasure—but take it easy on the Taos Lightning—it packs a punch.
– Dr. Jay Gitlin, Professor, Yale University

Savor this reprint of Sam Arnold’s delicious but long out-of print Frying Pans West cookbook. For dessert you get Sam’s vintage public television series cooking shows, a treasure for both food lovers and history buffs! These edible history lessons will give you a well seasoned taste of the foods of the Early West. Sam Arnold (1926-2006) created Colorado’s most distinctive culinary landmark, the Fort Restaurant in the red rock foothills of Morrison. This is a treasure and is part of the National Register of Historic Places. A well known television and radio personality for a half century, Sam is reincarnated in this tribute concocted by his daughter Holly. When you get to the historic whiskies and spirits, raise your glass of gunpowder whiskey and toast Sam and the Fort with “Waugh!”
– Dr. Tom “Colorado” Noel, University of Colorado


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